Mad Max Glitch – Great Watcher / Stump Grinder Bug – Solution

17 września, 2015


I have encountered glitch in enemy base with wizard without head. The name of the location is Great Watcher / Stump Grinder. Here is solution how to get behind the glitched catwalk / bridge.


Step 1.
Detach bumpers, armor, spikes from your car (Magnum Opus) and everything which helps you destroying enemy cars. Your car must be weightless and fast. Upgrade nitrous as far as you can. Nitrous is most important! Buy also better tires if you can.

Step 2.
Find rocks behind the wizard.

Step 3.
Climb those rocks. Use nitrous „space” and handbrake „shift” at the top. Do this as many times as you need to achieve your goal. Don’t worry if you failure at the first time – you must learn your car!


Step 4.
Get out of your car. There is an invisible wall for Magnum Opus but not for Mad Max, so proceed on foot. It is not as far as it looks. I think it should take you 1 minute or 2 to reach stone wizard.


Step 5.
Use a roof of Boss Home to jump safely on the ground or go extremely right to use downstairs. Yes, We are exploring this location from behind :)


Step 6.
The cage with Boss is closed, so you must use the nearby zip line to reach platform below. This is the only way to make progress because if you jump from the edge, you will die! And there is our glitched bridge :)


Step 7.
Turn right and shoot your shotgun to lower the second bridge. At least it works!


Step 8.
Destroy some scrotus emblems, take scrap and admire the glitched chain :D


Step 9.
Go up and defeat The Boss :)


Step 10.
If you want to leave this location use fast travel or jump here:


on the rock below. Then press 2 and call Chumbucket.

And that’s all :D If this solution help You please leave comment :)

best regards

BONUS – some screens ;)


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